I wanted to create an environment where a group of passionate individuals with a strong work ethic could come together and be a part a team that was dedicated to excellence with respect to the Guest experience. sought to create a place where guests could come, relax, and for the time they are in our Salon, let go of their worries. Our mindset is that a visit to our salon is not just about the service, but is about the entire experience from the time a guest enters the salon to the time they walk out the door. That vision is what drove me to open The Intaglio Salon.  

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I became a hairstylist because I was lacking passion and a sense of creativity in my previous chosen career path and despite others telling me not to, I chose to go with my gut instinct and follow my dreams and I’m so glad i did! I get to make people feel beautiful and have fun doing it!

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I've enjoyed hair for as long as I can remember. I was the kid that cut her dolls hair and the kid you hid the scissors from.  I once tried to perm a cat! Thankfully, my technical skills have improved and it has become a career.  It's a wearable art that boosts people's confidence and makes them feel better about themselves, and that's awesome.

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After graduating from the University of Washington with a Communications Degree, I was looking for jobs that combined both working with people and being creative.  On a whim I signed up at the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute and have been enjoying this adventure ever since! 

The world of beauty is a place for everyone to explore who they want to be. Individuals can control and change their lives on a range from a trim to a bold color to a new shampoo.   

I’m inspired by the women I work with and that makes me a better person and stylist every day.  I’m obsessed with the brand (Aveda) we use— how it smells and makes the hair feel.  I love the beauty of our location that allows people to feel pampered & welcome to share their lives with us.

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I became a stylist because I love helping people create a beautiful look for their lifestyle as well as a better hair routine!  I am extremely passionate about this and believe that there is always room to learn and grow!  I love bringing out my creativity and working with an awesome team at The Intaglio Salon.

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I have always loved being creative and dreamed of a profession that allowed me to find my style as well as to help other find theirs in an environment that is supportive.  I believe that your style is you and there should be no judgement.  Being a stylist at  The Intaglio Salon provides those things as well as provides me with the opportunity to embrace the experience of meeting people from all walks of life and delivering what I hope is a warm and happy moment in their life.

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Guest Services


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Guest Services

Having owned my own cake business as well as being involved in various crafts, I have always been interested in being in professions that display artistic and creative skills.  I also enjoy the organization side of a business.  This made the opportunity of working for The Intaglio Salon on the administration side a perfect fit.  I enjoy the positive atmosphere, comradery and the opportunity to serve our wonderful guests! 

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I have long held a passionate interest in fashion and art.  Over the years, I also developed a sense of empathy for social ills.  Doing someone’s hair is a personal experience for my Guests and for me. Doing hair has enriched me through interactions with people with life experiences very different than mine and enabled me to share in those experiences.  These personal touches has helped me become more aware, empathetic, and driven to action with respect to social issues in a profession I love and a place I want to be