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The Intaglio Salon; Local Tacoma Full Service Salon for All Hair Types

 The Intaglio Salon is located in beautiful Ruston, WA, near Tacoma right on the water. Partnering with Aveda empowers us to provide an even more amazing experience to our guests. To learn more about what sets us apart click here.  To learn more about Aveda, click here for the Aveda story.

The Intaglio Salon; Full Service AVEDA Salon for
Cuts, Colors, and Styles


We are an AVEDA Salon offering services ranging from men's and women's haircuts to hair color including:  women’s and men’s haircuts (short, long, wavy and layered looks, pixie cuts, bobs, fades, buzz cuts, custom cuts), color treatments (single process color, root touch up, partial highlight, full highlight, partial balayage, full balayage, foilyage, ombre, bleach and tone). 


Whether you're looking for a relaxing shampoo ritual with a fresh blow out or a soft and romantic up-style, one of our Intaglio Salon Artists has you covered with a wash and blow dry, braid, twist, up-styles (including buns, chignons, twisted pompadours, bouffants, and top knots), express style, big waves, and bouncy curls.


The benefits of individual lash extensions go beyond saving you the trouble of mascara, they can give you a boost of glamour and confidence to go about your day.  See us for a full lash extension set, full lash fills or partial lash fills.


Straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, textured hair, dry hair or oily hair; our experienced AVEDA hair stylists will make you look and feel amazing with styles and treatments tailored just for you! 


So why AVEDA?  Top of the list, we love AVEDA products because they do not use toxic chemicals and their products, including hair colors, are 93% or more naturally derived from nourishing plant-powered ingredients. Products include high performance hair products, skin care products, body care products, and makeup that are100% vegan and cruelty free. 


AVEDA cares about the environment!  Product manufacturing is powered by solar and/or wind energy through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets. In addition, AVEDA was the first beauty company to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET packaging.  To learn more about AVEDA’s mission and heritage, use the following link.


When it comes to art, no two paintings are alike and we believe the same is true of our, guests. What we do is a form of art and our trained Stylists are always trying to perfect it through precision, specialized techniques, and attention to detail.  We are fiercely passionate about delivering your unique vision and we look forward to serving you as our Guests!

The Intaglio Salon

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Interview with The Intaglio Salon owner Kasey Mendoza  speaking to her passion in serving The Intaglio Salon Guests.
The Intaglio Salon Senior Stylist Tesha  shows off her new style with a selfie.

 AVEDA color control™ for Reducing Color Fade The Intaglio Salon Point Ruston

Interested in AVEDA products? Shop online


We are going to talk about AVEDA’s color control shampoo and conditioner. This is a great product for our Guests and replaced AVEDA's color conserve line. For those of you who used and loved AVEDA's color conserve, I get it.


Change can be hard sometimes! When your favorite hair product that you have used for years goes away, no replacement is good enough! It's like going to your favorite restaurant where you have ordered tofu every time and you find that they have replaced the tofu with tempeh. Just as I would encourage you to at least TASTE the tempeh; maybe purchase a trial size of a product you are changing to and give it a shot!..


 Whether you color your hair or not, this product has a lot of benefits and also, it smells great! There is a mix of a floral and woodsy aromas that I really, really love.

Authentic Wood Table | The Intaglio Salon
Stop by for luxury services
5101 Main Street
Located in Point Ruston

"Tesha really listens to her clients and doesn’t rush the process of getting the customer’s hair to look right. Tesha made me feel confident and like myself again. It takes me two hours each way (four hours round trip) to drive to the Intaglio Salon in Point Ruston, but it is worth it to have Tesha do my hair. She is absolutely the best!"

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