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On Friday June 6, Pierce County Salons were approved for Phase 2 reopening!!!  We will  reopen for business Monday, June 8th!  We are working tirelessly to get you rescheduled. We appreciate your patience as we have over 2 months of unfulfilled appointments to work through and demand is high.  Please call 253-472-0359 or email for appointments or other inquiries.  Please note that we are temporarily suspending online booking while we work through appointment backlogs.  Online booking should return in 2 weeks.  We want you to know that we have worked hard to ensure that we deliver a safe and healthy work environment for both you and our staff based upon state and EDC COVID-19 guidelines.  We have published details relevant to Guests surrounding COVID-19 requirements on our website and on FaceBook.  Thank you for standing by us! We truly, truly wouldn't be here without you!




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At The Intaglio Salon we are fiercely passionate about delivering your unique vision. When it comes to art, no two paintings are alike and we believe the same is true of our guests. What we do is a form of art and we are always trying to perfect it through precision, specialized techniques, and attention to detail.

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Located in Point Ruston

"Loved the feeling of the building itself, which, let's face it, adds to the experience. But by far the shining star of this joint is the people."

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