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With Apologies to Tom Douglas; Why Mom’s Cooking is Better Than Any Chef, The Intaglio Salon 


Anyone familiar with the cooking scene has heard of Seattle chef extraordinaire, Tom Douglas; acclaimed restaurateur, author, talk show host and undefeated in Iron Chef America competition. Okay, in full disclosure he retired from the Iron Chef competition after going 1- 0 but like the 1972 Miami Dolphins, undefeated is undefeated.


Chef Douglas hosts a radio talk show which airs weekends on Seattle’s 97.3 FM. (http://tun.in/pgfrh) I am not a full-time listener, but I occasionally check in if I am out and about. On one such occasion, Chef Douglas spoke about his hobby of purchasing used cookbooks and occasionally finding family recipes tucked inside the books. He spoke to how such recipes and the dishes they create play memorable, cherished roles at holidays and other family gatherings.


Chef Douglas wondered if these recipes, stuck between the pages of discarded cookbooks, were now lost to families who now speak in fond memories of dishes once prepared from recipes now lost. Hearing this, and with Mother’s Day around the bend, I could not help but reflect upon some of my favorite dishes created by my Grandmother (now deceased) and by my Mom.


Be kind, be safe.

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