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Love Summer with AVEDA Sun Care for healthy summer hair! The Intaglio Salon Point Ruston

I LOVE SUMMER! There is something about summer that makes people so much happier, me included! Here in the Northwest, where summer begins July 5th, those 2 months of sunshine are like gold. Here are 7 of the many reasons why I love summer!

- Fresh dewy glow of make-up free skin!

- It’s bathing suit and shorts season for the kids which dramatically cuts down on laundry!

- COVID homeschooling is done, hopefully for good!

- Run into the back of someone with a cart at the grocery store and they turn and SMILE at you!

- Kids can eat ice cream for dinner and no one calls you a bad parent!

- Those stretched out days where it stays light past 9pm!

- And who does not love a day at the beach?


Okay, but summer time is not all fun and games. Something very close to you is not necessarily fond of summer and that something is your hair. But it does not have to be that way! First, let’s set the level straight on one thing, and that is, "we regret to inform you that your hair is dead".  Dead. Those commercials that speak to bringing your hair back to life? Not true, for unlike the Phoenix your hair will not rise again. At least not alive.


Be kind, be safe.

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At The Intaglio Salon we are fiercely passionate about delivering your unique vision. When it comes to art, no two paintings are alike and we believe the same is true of our guests. What we do is a form of art and we are always trying to perfect it through precision, specialized techniques, and attention to detail.

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"WOW! An incredible hair experience - this cozy space is filled with talented stylists and exclusively uses natural Aveda products..... The entire staff was accommodating, polite, and took every COVID precaution seriously. Can't wait to return to this space for more services in the future! Thanks, Intaglio!."