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Aveda salon professionals are continually educated on the latest trends and techniques to transform your look with styles inspired by the fashion runways from around the world. Our spa professionals also undergo regular training to stay informed of latest advancements in body and skin care so they can practice the art of healing, rejuvenating and refreshing the mind body and spirit. Aveda professionals understand how to listen to your needs and provide you with a thorough consultation so you can be comfortable and confident during your salon/spa experience.

foam reset™ rinseless hydrating hair cleanser

Foam reset™ rinseless hydrating hair cleanser is a multi-benefit scalp and hair leave-in treatment product that cleanses and hydrates hair, tames frizz, and refreshes and cools the scalp.  This product is suitable for all hair types including those with extensions, braids, and weaves.





Contains Nutriplenish™ Complex, a vegan superfood  blend that helps keep hair nourished


  • Lightweight superfood blend

  • Light texture designed to quickly absorb for nutrient-powered hydration


  • Higher concentration of superfood blend 

  • Deep, rich texture provides nutrient-powered hydration with 52% more plant butters than the Light Moisture collection

Fresh, spicy, floral Pure-Fume™ Aroma • Silicone-free • Free from sulfate cleansers • Vegan/cruelty-free

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Aveda botanical repair™

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Aveda Salons and Spas are founded on the common mission of caring for you and caring for our world around us. Our team at The Intaglio Salon is trained to serve your every need and expertly care for you. During your visit we will pamper you with Aveda rituals designed to relax, relieve stress, and comfort you such as:

  • Cup of Aveda Comforting Tea

  • Warm, aromatic towel

  • Sensory journey with Elemental NatureSM aromas to awaken the senses

  • Stress-relieving scalp, neck and shoulders massage

  • Luxurious hand massage

  • Makeup finishing touch or a Hair Pure-fume™ application

Aveda Essential Oils | The Intaglio Salon
Aveda Rituals | The Intaglio Salon
Aveda Tea | The Intaglio Salon

Our full line of Aveda products allows you to re-create your salon/spa experience or look at home. Made with organic and natural pure flower and plant ingredients, our products are proven to have powerful results, all while protecting and preserving our environment.

“At Aveda, we believe that Beauty is as Beauty Does™ and live that mission every day.”

We live our mission through our use of 100% post-consumer recycled material in our packaging, 100% wind-generated power in our manufacturing and by donating over $18 million dollars since 1999 to help clean and protect the environment. 

Aveda Ingredients | The Intaglio Salon
Aveda Ingredients | The Intaglio Salon
Aveda Ingredients | The Intaglio Salon