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AVEDA color control Gently Cleanses Hair While Effectively Reducing Color Fade


We are going to talk about AVEDA’s color control shampoo and conditioner. This is a great product for our Guests and replaced AVEDA's color conserve line. For those of you who used and loved AVEDA's color conserve, I get it. Change can be hard sometimes! When your favorite hair product that you have used for years goes away, no replacement is good enough! It's like going to your favorite restaurant where you have ordered tofu every time and you find that they have replaced the tofu with tempeh. Just as I would encourage you to at least TASTE the tempeh; maybe purchase a trial size of a product you are changing to and give it a shot!.

Whether you color your hair or not, this product has a lot of benefits and also, it smells great! There is a mix of a floral and woodsy aromas that I really, really love. The sulfate cleanser-free, plant powered formula shampoo gently cleanses your hair without stripping to minimize color washout and reduce color fade. It contains an omega-rich apricot oil that nourishes your hair and helps keep it soft and hydrated. The color control conditioner's silicone free formula conditions and detangles your hair and helps maintain a beautiful color with radiant shine.

If you ever feel like that after you have had your color done that it's starting to fade out on you, starting to lose that pop, that luster; this is a great product line for that.

The shampoo is going to gently cleanse. It is not going to feel "strippy" to the hair, but is going to pull out any of the oils and excess buildup that you are experiencing which can also sometimes lead to a dulling of the color and the conditioner is great because it helps protect the hair from breakage.

So, you are getting multiple benefits out of this product with the protection of your color, your hair being hydrated and getting that breakage protection as well. The product is also going to seal the hair cuticles as well so if you have the frizzies or things like that, it's going to help tame that. When the hair cuticle it is open it is easy for those color molecules to slip out resulting in fading.

The way I describe it to my Guests is that when you are trying to get color molecules in a hair follicle, it is like putting little beads into a straw. The redder your color, the bigger the color molecule is so then it is like trying to get a marble into the straw. You notice how quickly red fades! This is a great product for any color and particularly for red.

You really want to try and keep the cuticle closed to hold in that color molecule because it (the color molecule) is kind of teetering inside and outside of the hair cuticle. We use this product on the hair of many of our Guests and it has become one the fan favorites. This is a great product and even if you just want to have some smoothing and conditioning of your hair and you do not color it, you will still get a great benefit out of it. It will give you a great high shine and it smells so good!

If you have any questions, please make sure to leave them in the comments below. We always love feedback! Let us know if you try or have tried this product and how you feel about it. Stay tuned for our feedback on other products in this line!

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