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New AVEDA nutriplenish™ Treatment Masques for Soft, Healthy Hair! The Intaglio Salon Point Ruston

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

There are different reasons why a hair masque might be right for you. Maybe your curly locks are feeling dry and looking a little less curly. Maybe your sheen is looking a bit more dull than shiny. Or, maybe that softness your desire for your hair is feeling more like a grizzly bear than a teddy bear. Whether your hair is feeling dry, feeling brittle, looking dull and/or lacking softness; a hair masque may be the solution for you! In that case I thoroughly recommend AVEDA’s new nutriplenish™ light moisture treatment masque and nutriplenish™ deep moisture treatment masque.

Cold winter months = dry, thirsty hair. I have been LOVING the new Aveda nutriplenish™ deep moisture treatment masque. For my texture and density, I use the deep moisture treatment. The concentration of the butters/oils are like an instant "drink" for my hair. As soon as I apply the masque, I can feel it absorb and my hair becomes extra soft and super easy to detangle. Because my hair receives the hydration it needs, it is so much easier to style. Whether I wear it natural or heat styled, it has great bounce, and a nice healthy shine! This masque has become a fast favorite for me. Before getting into these two products in detail, let’s talk about hair masques in general starting with what is a hair masque, why do I need it and what does it do for my hair?

A hair masque is a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. A good analogy can be found in skin care. In caring for the skin on your face, you might use AVEDA Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion on a daily basis to help protect your face from dehydration. On a weekly or on an as needed basis you might use AVEDA Botanical Kinetics Intensive Hydrating Masque to provide relief to your skin from excessive dryness, stress and exposure to the elements.

The hair masque is like the face masque in that it is a much richer version of your conditioner and restores moisture, eliminates brittleness and adds softness and brightness to your hair. It is most often applied on wet hair which enables the product to be absorbed into the hair's cuticle

On occasion, some of my guests think that a masque is analogous to a deep conditioner. In general, conditioners do not have the hair strengthening properties of a masque. While a conditioner will help to get some of your moisture back; damaged, colored and/or dry hair is better served by the deep conditioning treatment afforded by a masque. Masques also make your hair soft and shiny. It is applied once every one to two weeks or as needed to increase moisture in your hair while conditioners are used more often (daily or every other day typically) in line with your hair regimen. Note – it is virtually impossible to over-moisturize your hair.

As part of their extremely successful nutriplenish™ line, AVEDA has introduced 2 new treatment masques: nutriplenish™ treatment masque light moisture and nutriplenish™ treatment masque deep moisture.

Nutriplenish™ treatment masque light moisture is a light gel cream hair masque. Nutriplenish™ treatment masque deep moisture is a rich cream masque. Per AVEDA, both deliver 4x the hydration of untreated hair. So how to choose between light and deep?

Nutriplenish™ treatment masque light moisture is enriched with fast-absorbing oils and delivers intense hair hydration without the heaviness. Choose the light treatment if:

· Your hair has fine to medium density.

· You simply prefer a lighter formula.

· You’ re looking to achieve softness and manageability.

· You wash your hair daily most of the time.

My masque of choice, nutriplenish™ treatment masque deep moisture contains 50% more nourishing butters than light and is formulated for hair that needs an intense moisture from a richer formula. Choose this if:

· Your hair has medium to thick density.

· You prefer a richer formula.

· You require more intense detangling during the shampooing process.

· You’re looking to achieve softness and manageability.

- You leave time between washes to keep hair moisturized.

Both masques are suitable for all hair textures: straight, wavy, curly and coily, and are safe for color treated and chemically processed hair. The masques surge all hair types with nutrient-rich moisture and 4x the hydration* of untreated hair as well as restores depleted, dull and dry hair with instant nutrient-infused hydration and shine. Your hair is left healthy-looking as well as soft and smooth to the touch.

Main ingredients include: - Pomegranate seed oil – Omega-5 rich oil hydrates and revitalizes dry hair. - Mango butter – Softens hair, nourishes and adds shine. - Coconut oil – Retains moisture, keeping hair soft and moisturized. AVEDA is known for their wonderful aromatic scents! The masques do not disappoint and feature AVEDA’s own yummy Pure-Fume™ aroma with cocoa extract, certified organic ginger oil, cardamom oil along with other pure flower and plant essences. As with other AVEDA products, they are 96% naturally derived*, vegan and cruelty free and are free from silicones, parabens, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances.

To use: After shampooing, apply weekly, bi-weekly or as needed as an ultra-hydrating treatment. Smooth through damp hair from roots to tips, leave on 2-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly and follow the treatment with your styling regimen. For extra moisturizing you can lengthen the amount of time you leave in your hair or even use as an overnight conditioning treatment. For a DIY spa-like experience, apply a hot towel over your hair masque, put on your favorite music and relax! I have not tried this but if you have oily roots and dry ends, you can use light moisture from your roots to midshaft and use deep moisture from midshaft to ends.

Nutriplenish™ treatment masque deep moisture has become a fast favorite of mine. I choose the deep moisture as it fits my hair needs more than the light. Use the criteria outlined above to determine which makes sense for you. I strongly recommend that you try either one of these two new products and I would love to hear your feedback! You will not be disappointed!

For additional feedback check out Good Salon Guide using the below link.

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