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Aveda speed of light™ blow dry accelerator spray More Time for Livin The Intaglio Salon Point Ruston

I want to take some time and show you a product we are obsessing on in the Intaglio Salon and it is Aveda's speed of light™ blow dry accelerator spray, a great Aveda product that will cut down on your blow-drying time by about 50%! It also provides heat protection and protects your hair from the adverse effects of heat styling as well as protects your hair from breakage by up to 93%.

This is great for anyone who is doing heat styling or anyone whose hair has been processed more. Check out the video to see how fast speed of light™ works and how much time you save when you blow dry your hair using this product!

It’s easy to use! First, start with your hair freshly washed. Next, spread a generous amount of product thoroughly throughout your hair. By generous, I mean you need to completely saturate your hair! I know this sounds counterintuitive to what you are trying to accomplish, (blow dry your hair faster by making it wetter) but to really make this product work, you need to saturate your hair with the product. After you have done this, brush the product through your hair to make sure that it is evenly distributed, grab you blow dryer, and watch the magic!

Let speed of light™ do most of the work and then deploy your other styling products if needed. If you are going to put any additional smoothing agents, volumizers, or other products of this nature in your hair, stop and put them in when your hair is about 80% dry. Once you have done this, complete the drying process.

Speed of light™ is more than an accelerator spray and delivers other benefits beyond reducing blow dry time! As stated above, it reduces hair breakage by up to 93%. (Note – Aveda bases this data upon a repeat grooming study with brushing and blow drying versus a non-conditioning shampoo.) It also helps detangle hair and protects against heat damage from blow-drying. It delivers a finish that is static free, soft, and smooth! It is also 90% naturally derived from plants, non-petroleum minerals and water.

Main ingredients include:

· Coconut and corn derived blend: detangles your hair to help reduce breakage from brushing and styling as well as conditions to help protect against heat damage from blow drying.

· Sugar beet derived lactic acid: helps seal your hair's cuticle and separate strands so that water can evaporate faster and help reduce blow dry time.

This is a product I use often on my Guests. It works great on all hair types as an accelerator spray as well delivers a great finish. So, if you want to cut your wash and style time down, just hit the snooze button and check out Aveda's speed of light™ blow dry accelerator spray!


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