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AVEDA New smooth infusion™ Formulation for Sleeker, Smoother Hair The Intaglio Salon Point Ruston

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

I am thoroughly excited about the new and improved formulation for AVEDA’s smooth infusion™ line. A claim to fame for the prior formulation is that it delivers 12 hours of heat and humidity protection. The new formulation gives you 72 hours, THREE WHOLE DAYS of heat and humidity protection in up to 85% humidity! The updated smooth infusion™ line consists of 5 newly formulated products:

  • Anti-frizz Shampoo – Gently cleanses and smooths all hair types.

  • Anti-frizz Conditioner – Smooths and softens.

  • Perfect Blow Dry – Heat-activated spray for long-lasting frizz protection, smoother, sleeker hair for straight, wavy and curly textures.

  • Style-Prep Smoother – Leave-in serum primes, detangles and defends against frizz.

  • Perfectly Sleek – Heat-activated styling cream conditions and protects. For curly and coily textures.

As with the original formulation, you can feel the creamy textured richness of the shampoo and conditioner on your fingers and it has that natural fresh aroma that I have come to expect with AVEDA. I find that the new smooth infusion™ shampoo formulation delivers a simply luxurious lather and partners with the rich conditioner to deliver hair that is soft, smooth and shiny. They are formulated with a blend that is derived from organic aloe, maize and guar bean. As someone with curly hair that craves attention as well as needs secret service protection from “attack of the frizz”, these products deliver a smooth “frizzless” look and feel instantaneously. It also hydrates and does not make me feel like my hair has been weighed down.

I once was on a business trip in Texas where I thought 12 hours of humidity protection was going to be enough. Well, I had never been to Texas before but had always heard that everything is bigger there. By the end of the day, my hair fit right in with that axiom. While the old smooth infusion™ formula spoke to heat protection, the new smooth infusion™ formulation quantifies it with protection at up to 450 degrees. Now, most people will not and should not use it at that high of a temperature, but the fact that it is going to give you protection up to this level is huge!

When you are trying to get sleek, straight, smooth hair; heat is often needed. The new smooth infusion™ line will protect your hair, hydrate your hair, and keep it sleek and smooth. For three days! After shampooing and conditioning your hair with AVEDA new smooth infusion™ shampoo and conditioner, use new smooth infusion™ perfect blow dry to provide a treatment that delivers a 72 hours anti-frizz shield. Each strand of hair is wrapped in an anti-humidity shield locking out humidity and keeping styles smoother and sleeker. It also contains UV filters which protects your hair from heat styling up to 450°F as well as from environmental factors such as the sun.

One of the big changes is that the new smooth infusion™ line is silicone free now. This means you can get that smoothness without any buildup. So, whether you are going to be curly or straight today, you’re going to have beautiful curls that are going to stay hydrated, nourished and frizz free.

I tried a little trick with the smooth infusion™ style prep™ product. With the previous line, I liked to use style prep™ in my curly hair. I already have enough curl definition but frizz is my problem. So, I went ahead and used style prep™ in my bangs, diffused them a little bit and received the curl and frizz control I was seeking. One other thing I noticed about the new smooth infusion™ style prep™ is that it is a lot creamier. I think that not having silicone in the formula makes it absorb a bit better.

I am finding that this line works as more of a treatment than just sitting topically on the strands of hair. Also, it feels so good on my hands that I find I do not feel like I have to run, grab a towel and wipe them off. I know that if it feels this lovely on my hands, it is going to also feel absolutely gorgeous on my hair. It absorbs in a wonderfully nourishing lightweight way!

I want to point out a couple of other things that are different with this new formulation. The perfectly sleek™ has become a hero product in our salon already. I used this with a blowout on a guest. She had felt that her hair did not feel refined or “finished”. In the past, we always used a flat iron in getting her what she wanted. With perfectly sleek™, we did not have to use the flat iron! Note, this product will take the place of the naturally straight or the nourishing styling cream from the prior line up.

When you’re trying to create sleek smooth hair and you don’t have a lot of time, the fact that I am able to get sleek smooth hair just from a blowout is pure joy. Time is important to all of us. You want to make it LOOK like you spent a lot of time on your hair, but you don’t want to SPEND a lot of time on your hair. So, perfectly sleek™ would be your best friend! You are getting 72 hours of frizz protection so you don’t have to “hit” your hair as often for this protection. And now you have just eliminated the need to flat iron your hair for that smooth, sleek look. Who wouldn’t want all that time back?

If you were a fan of smooth infusion before, you are going to love this new smooth infusion™ formulation. If you're struggling with a little bit of frizz in your hair, you definitely want to try it. It has the same great aroma we all love; that citrusy, it’s summer time in a bottle and I am ready for a little sunshine aroma!

Yes, curls are high maintenance and AVEDA’s first iteration of the smooth infusion™ product line made that maintenance challenge much easier. With the new formulation, great just became greater! For curl maintenance or straight styles that last and are frizz free, AVEDA’s updated smooth infusion™ line is right for you! For more on this check out the video:

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