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The Local Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Much has been written about the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses. When we see the statistics, it is easy to get caught up in just the numbers. One notable report from a July US Commerce Chamber of Commerce poll stated “most small businesses are concerned about financial hardship due to prolonged closures (70%) and more than half worry about having to permanently close (58%). Chamber of Commerce July 2020 Small Business Coronavirus Impact Poll These statistics represent an impact to tens of thousand businesses and millions of lives throughout the country.

The loss of local businesses such as Pacific Grill and The Swiss represent two more high profile local casualties. While I have never had the pleasure of eating at The Swiss, I was a frequent visitor of Pacific Grill when I worked at a nearby salon. I binged on their sliders and garlic rosemary fries! The owner was a guest in my chair on several occasions and was (and I am certain still is) a very nice individual. I am saddened when I read about the loss of our businesses as I understand that these are lives that are being impacted.

A King 5 Article by Vanessa Misciagna; "Two of Tacoma's Flagship Restaurants are Closing Because of the Pandemic, Owners Say", quotes a statement on the Pacific Grill’s website by owner Gordon Naccarato. "Know that this story is being played out across the country where 100,000 small businesses like ours will permanently close…” He concludes by writing, "P.S. It is incredibly important in these perilous times that we support small businesses in our community if they are to survive."

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of his words and also appreciate the continued support of you, our beautiful guests. You help us keep the lights on during a time that is difficult for all. for all including yourselves. When you are in search of beauty products and services or that shopping bug hits, please check us out along with some other great small businesses such as: Purpose Boutique, Tickled Pink, Purple Peacock, Rebels & Lovers and Pink Polish Spa.

Thank-you for your support of small businesses.


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